Pink Hello Kitty Karaoke Machine

A Pink Hello Kitty Karaoke Machine is a perfect gift for any budding young karaoke queen-in-training whether she is a teeny weeny youngster that LOVES Hello Kitty and/or the colour pink. It’s also an ideal karaoke machine for any tweens and even those youngish teens that love to sing!

The Hello Kitty brand is loved by countless children across the planet and Hello Kitty merchandise has certainly been a huge hit. As an authority on karaoke; is happy to provide a review on the ever popular Pink Hello Kitty karaoke machine.

The overall design of the Hello Kitty machine is considered basic because it utilises a monochromatic LCD (not LED) panel which only displays lyrics (no video). The unit can be hooked up to a television screen but only displays lyrics without any video image.

One wired microphone and a pair of microphone jacks are included with additional microphone available for purchase separately. Unfortunately, there is no recording feature.

This Pink Hello Kitty karaoke machine may be basic but it is ideal and above standard for a kid’s karaoke machine. Cute curvy design, funky hot pink colour, cartoon-style LCD display and big Hello Kitty image.

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Although considered basic, the design is still above the standard for a kid's karaoke machine. Little karaoke divas will absolutely adore the machine's curvy design, cool pink colour, the cartoon-like LCD display and the big image of Hello Kitty featured on the façade of the player. It’s a win-win for sure!

Pink Hello Kitty - Plenty of Karaoke FUN!!!

Kids will love the fact that the front video camera feature of the machine allows the video streaming of the singer(s) to magically appear on the TV screen. Trust me; kids love this feature as they can see themselves singing!!!Although lacking a VCD or DVD support feature; an iPod, iPhone or similar music playing gadget can be connected via the aux input feature.

Some additional noteworthy inclusions are audio enhancement featuring balance control and automatic voice control. Kids especially enjoy the voice control feature as it silences the pre-recorded vocals of the song when they sing and automatically turns it back on when they stop singing. This terrific inexpensive kid’s karaoke machine also supports echo control.

Undoubtedly the Hello Kitty karaoke machine is designed for children although adults will enjoy using it with their kiddies. It’s designed specifically for youngsters bringing the excitement of the Hello Kitty World into their young karaoke experience. Hello Kitty karaoke player has everything a young karaoke diva could wish for— it’s super cute and pink with a front camera and audio enhancement feature! And of course: Little Miss Karaoke Queen can SING her little heart out!
                                   FUN! FUN! FUN!

Hello Kitty KT2003CA CD Karaoke System/CD Player with AC Adapter, Built-in Speakers, 2x Mic Input, Pink/White

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