Baby Karaoke Fun

Look who's singing now— introducing Baby Karaoke.Everyone knows that you can never be too old for karaoke, but it looks like gramps needs to move over as there’s a new karaoke kid on the block! 

The Raising Children Network have launched Australia’s first baby karaoke IPhone App! Old MacDonald, Little Green Frog, Row Row Row Your Boat, ABC and Open Shut Them are destined to be a big hit with the little folk. Rumour has it that new songs will be added later on in the year.

What’s it all about? A musical karaoke kids activity (free to download) that’s guaranteed to get parents singing along with their children almost anywhere and everywhere!

Baby Karaoke iPhone App Now Available in Oz!

It is anticipated that Baby karaoke will encourage family bonding as parents and children can sing along together with the colourful animations. Since it’s completely mobile it’s perfect for families both at home and out and about. Parents can learn the words, tunes and hand-actions to their children’s favourite songs. So which one of these well-known children’s songs will make it to the kiddies best karaoke songs of all-time list?

According to the Raising Children Network website, “Singing with children encourages them to use words and develops their memories, creativity and imagination! Baby Karaoke IPhone App is suitable for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers. It is available as a free download from