Karaoke Hire Services Tips for Venue Owners!

Equipped with our useful karaoke hire service tips, your karaoke shows will be successful in every way imaginable, including increased takings over the bar! Providing regular musical entertainment in your venue doesn't have to be a tough gig! Read on.

By the way, we are not going for the regular run-of-the-mill karaoke night; aka ‘cheesy’ karaoke gig but rather a high-energy kick-ass karaoke show! The type of night that sees regulars coming back for more and more and more— Karaoke!

We're aiming for the kind of night(s) where diners or the regular after-work drinks crowd decide to stay much later than they normally would when there’s no karaoke or live entertainment on.

Must-Haves for a Great Karaoke Venue Experience?

1. A professional registered karaoke operator (KJ) that is compliant, organised, courteous, fair, sober and has a pleasant personality.

2. Professional good-quality karaoke equipment that is well maintained and in good working order.

3. A Good Song Collection / Library with a wide selection of legally purchased songs in various genres including classics, jazz, country, pop, rap and of course— the latest hits.

4. A Receptive Audience or great crowd! After all karaoke is about performing in front of people although an empty bar or quiet night is great for practicing! Regular karaoke singers love the opportunity to sing lots of songs, but a regularly busy karaoke venue is a good indication of a great karaoke experience!

5. A Pleasant Atmosphere is generally very important although alternative venues with a totally unusual vibe can still have a great karaoke gig despite any weirdness!

 What Does a Registered KJ or Karaoke Hire Services Bring to the Table (Venue)?

Although any registered experienced karaoke host that really knows his/her stuff brings plenty of positives to your karaoke show(s)— it’s what doesn’t get invited to the table (venue) that really counts! I am referring to prosecution under secondary liability and hefty fines for employing a karaoke pirate or dodgy-KJ!

Be sure to only deal with karaoke hire services and/or KJs that are registered with Music Rights Australia and compliant with the Karaoke Code of Conduct. And don’t forget that your venue needs to also pay the correct license fees for having karaoke shows at your venue.

If you are looking for compliant karaoke hire services, I strongly suggest that you check out some of the KJ profile pages we have listed around your venue location.  

Checklist for KJ or Karaoke Host

Your KJ is the most important person if you have karaoke shows at your venue. Although it’s helpful if the host can sing reasonably well, it’s not the most vital part of the gig! His / her Emcee skills are what really count! A great Emcee that can handle a few tunes is much better than an awesome vocalist with zip-personality trying to navigate a karaoke gig circuit effectively! Seriously; it’s just not going to end well!

Your KJ needs to be friendly, dress smartly, act professionally,
know how to orchestrate the show and be 100% fair with song rotation.

More Do & Don’ts for the Professional KJ
                  *Ensure that he/ she

  • Dresses smartly (not like a slob)
  • Starts on time for every single show
  • Makes a big deal of all the singers— this means the not so good ones too!
  • Develops unique (fun) introductions for different singers
  • Keeps the tempo rolling by switching the singer order around if necessary
  • Doesn't sing too much— karaoke is not the KJ's own personal talent showcase!
  • Announces rather than screams or shouts
  • Is aware of audience dynamics— does not play offensive (R) music if deemed as inappropriate

Need more information? 
Music Rights Australia www.musicrights.com.au   info@musicrights.com.au   (02) 8569 1177
APRA|AMCOS www.apra-amcos.com.au   apra@apra.com.au    (02) 9935 7900
PPCA www.ppca.com.au   ppca.mail@ppca.com.au    (02) 8569 1111

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