How to SING - Karaoke Singing Tips!

1. Begin by Embracing the KISS Principle

 How to sing? KISS- Keep it simple stupid. Choose a song with an easy verse-chorus-verse structure, reasonable tempo and within the mid vocal range. That’s right: stay well away from any super high Mariah songs or those require extensive vocal gymnastics! Seriously...Just DON'T do it!

2. Sing With a Friend or Two or Three

Singing with a friend or two means that you can literally just mouth the words if you need to. Or someone may even total drown you out if they are loud enough! Whatever works for YOU is always good! Of course gving fun is an important part of learning to sing!!

3. YOUR Friendly How to Sing Ice-Breaker

Alcohol works exceptionally to sooth those karaoke jitter-bug nerves! Warning: too many shots are well known for taking many a karaoke debut to an entire new level of performance!

4. The Rap or Talking Song Choice

Rap it out! Pick something with plenty of spoken words or rapping. These Boots Are Made For Walkin’, Elvira or 500 Miles are all excellent choices. Cheating? Hardly!!! And who cares anyway!

5. Choose to Sing a Song YOU Actually Know!

It's best to choose songs with lyrics that you at least kind-of know because it certainly helps a lot! Then again, you can try a weird or relatively unknown song because nobody will have a clue whether you are actually singing it right or if it’s a total massacre!

6. The THREE Minute Maximum Rule!

Finally: keep it short and sweet – three minutes maximum! Any longer if you really do happen to suck could be dangerous; as you may get pelted with rotten tomatoes!

Anyways; just get up and have a go! Search through our karaoke database for a venue near you! It’s fun; seriously it really is!!!

Benefits of Singing Lessons?

Serious about taking your karaoke to the next level or perhaps looking at getting through to the finals in your local karaoke competition? It may be worthwhile investing in a few singing lessons. Here’s some of the benefits of hiring a professional voice coach.

1. Exercises that with regular practice will improve your vocal range and make you sound professional.

2. Techniques to add flavour to your voice by mastering specific stylization & run techniques that are generally only known by experienced and/or professional singers.

3. Learning how to sing from your diaphragm as well as being able to reach and maintain high notes without damaging your vocal chords.

4. Developing healthy habits and great technique that will remain with you throughout your singing career.