I created the Find a Karaoke website because I really love karaoke and was rather frustrated that it was so difficult to find current karaoke venues when on holiday. I would get really excited after doing some online research, managing to locate a gig in the area I was visiting to end up being told that karaoke hasn’t been held there for ages when I called the venue! So much for up-to-date karaoke website listings!

I also did an online check for karaoke website listings close to my home in Surfers Paradise finding that some of the venues listed haven't been active for years as well as several gigs that I personally know about; not listed at all! Likewise; it was the exact same story for karaoke gigs in my home town of Hervey Bay.        

I decided to do something about it!
FindaKaraoke.com is just starting out but with YOUR help let's grow it to become Australia's # ONE karaoke website.

*PLEASE be patient as this is a ONE PERSON SHOW which means I will be manually adding all information to the website database myself.

I ask that rather than winge, whine or gossip if you notice something not-quite-right, that some info is missing, the wrong start time, etc



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