Fun Karaoke Songs NOT to Sing in Prison

This new Fun karaoke Songs page was inspired after I'd been scrolling through my Facebook page and came across a post shared by a good friend— and thought findakaraoke fans might enjoy it too! I know I did!

After a quick bit of online research I found that the Top TEN songs TO NOT SING while incarcerated in prison looks like this—*Seriously what’s with all the Backstreet Boys songs!!!
#10. ‘Can You Feel the Love Tonight’ – Elton John
  #9. ‘OOPS! I Did It Again’ – Britney Spears
  #8. ‘Shape of My Heart’ – Backstreet Boys
  #7. ‘Quit Playing Games with My Heart’ – Backstreet Boys
 #6. ‘Get Your Freak On’ – Missy Elliot
 #5.  ‘As Long As You Love Me’ – Backstreet Boys
 #4. ‘She Bangs’ – Ricky Martin
 #3. ‘Save A Horse (Ride A Cowboy)’ – Big & Rich
 #2. ‘Blood, Sex, and Booze’ – Green Day

And the #1 song you definitely should never sing in a penitentiary is—
The Follow Oscar Mayer Wiener Song (*US HotDog 1960's Commercial)

 Findakaraoke's Fun Karaoke Songs To Avoid If YOU are in Jail!

Taken from my Facebook page in NO specific order!

•    My Milkshake Brings All The Boys To The Yard— Kelis
•    Back That Ass Up— Ice Cube
•    Working On The Chain Gang— Sam Cook
•    I Want To Kiss You All Over— Exile
•    Hit Me With Your Best Shot— Pat Benatar
•    Prison Bitch— Rodney Carrington
•    Shake It Off— Megan Trainer
•    Pour Some Sugar On Me— Def Leppard
•    It's Raining Men— Geri Halliwell
•    I Want You To Want Me— Cheap Trick
•    Baby Come Back— Hall & Oats
•    Barbie Girl— Aqua
•    Baby Got Back— Sir Mixalot
•    Strokin’— Clarence Carter
And apparently a favourite jail wake-up call played over and over again by one particular ex-prison guard was— (drumroll please) MY CELLMATE THINKS I'M SEXY by Cledus T Judd

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