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Just being totally honest folks and keeping it very real as usual!
*FTR I do also take on other freelance writing gigs that enable me to pay my rent, live, eat, etc but most of my time is actually taken up with

My plan (eventually) is to travel around Oz checking out and singing at all of the karaoke gigs I've listed on Find a Karaoke. I will then write up an awesome karaoke review on each and every single one!
Hard life I know— but someone has to do it! And I pick ME!!!
*Seriously as fun as all of this sounds I have put countless hours in researching and writing articles and building the website from scratch! Often I spend in excess of 40 hours per week - not that I am complaining as I have loved every single minute of it!
Well mostly anyways!!! Except when I couldn't figure out some technical aspect that frustrated me to the max and beyond!
TBK it was rather often actually as I have virtually NO technical know-how what so ever! But hey - Persistence paid off! Yay!!!

Any donations received help offset the costs associated with building and maintaining this website.

Of course it also means that I get to do more of what I L.O.V.E.
as in - creative writing, web design and working on my novel when time permits, rather than spending hours at a ‘regular job’!

I really do want to tell everyone just how awesome karaoke is!