Online Karaoke: FUN! FUN! FUN!

Online Karaoke FUN!
Karaoke is not only a fun social activity that you can do LIVE at a local karaoke venue but there are also plenty of great online karaoke websites where you can sing and/or download karaoke songs (legally).

Why Choose Online Karaoke?

Many music fans love to ‘do karaoke’ and when they cannot get to a local karaoke gig opt for online karaoke. Plenty of karaoke enthusiasts have their own karaoke software and aps but many don’t. Those that don’t can get their karaoke-fix via the Internet through specialized karaoke websites.

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How Do You Go About Finding A Good Online Karaoke Website?

Firstly specialised karaoke websites are different to other types of music sites because these specifically provide instrumental versions of songs with lyrics including the tempo of the song. Some websites also offer an option that allows singers to record themselves singing, upload the recording (vocals or vocals & video) directly onto the website inviting other members and friends to listen, watch and even vote on the performances. There's often a real sense of community bringing people together that share a real passion for singing karaoke.

There are several important things to consider...

  1. A wide variety of songs – so that the type of songs you like to sing are likely to be available.
  2. Songs should be full versions - not just bits and pieces or snippets of songs.
  3. Songs should be instrumental versions not vocal versions.

Look for a website where the lyrics are highlighted as you need to sing them, as this helps you keep the tempo of the song rather than stray off course. Make sure the lyrics are easy to read so you can concentrate on singing rather than trying to decipher the words.
It can be rather daunting when you Google for online karaoke as so many different websites come up making it difficult to choose the best one for your needs.

Do check out the ‘free' options as some of these are quite good although they tend to have a limited song range. You'll find that most also offer a ‘song fee’ or 'membership' option unlocking more song choices. WooHoo! Check them out and SING, Sing, sing!

Differences & How Best to Choose!

Be aware that not every online karaoke website will have every karaoke song version that you may want to sing. It can sometimes be difficult to locate a specific song so it’s a good idea to consider multiple online karaoke websites when starting out so as to get a feel of the layout and specifics of what each one has to offer.

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