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Karaoke Brisbane: From Shy to Legend!

Karaoke entertainment in Brisbane is responsible for the transformation of quite a few shy personalities into sensational short-lived musical legends! Even if it is only for three minutes!

What is the secret? Rumour has it that it’s all in the microphone grip, a little Dutch courage and/or a lot of alcohol as well as the fortunate opportunity of a situation which encourages standing up on stage and singing your heart out to a drunken audience. Welcome to Brisbane’s karaoke scene.

And to the myriad of talented Brisbane karaoke singers that regularly entertain at their favorite karaoke bar week in week out; the gig hosts, venues and patrons genuinely appreciate your dedication. There is no doubt that many karaoke singers make the transition  from a reasonably good vocalist to 'Great Performer' through consistently singing karaoke.

Brisbane karaoke bars, pubs and clubs are the focus of this page with the listings sorted into geographic locations for easy navigation. Our individual Brisbane gig pages are jam packed with great venues where you can jump on stage and WOW the crowd with a tune or TEN!

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