Climb Aboard the Karaoke Bus Sydney & PARTY!

Introducing the karaoke bus Sydney experience. Love karaoke and dancing— but sick of the same old, same old karaoke venues where you seem to wait forever to sing? Climb aboard and enjoy your very own karaoke-dance party!

    Perfect for:

  • Girl’s Night Out
  • Bar Hopping Tour
  • Hard Rock Casino Outing
  • Graduation Celebration
  • Anniversary Parties
  • Music Festivals
  • Birthdays
  • Teenage Parties & No Gate-Crashers

Imagine unleashing your inner diva or divo with a Karaoke Bus Sydney extravaganza expedition to your next party or corporate event! Everyone can sing their hearts out all the way to your drop-off destination! The total number of passengers vary depending on the party bus company buses— but what a great way to get around Sydney for up to 50 guests!

Ready for the ultimate party transport or karaoke bus party experience?

Smooth Karaoke Bus Party Transit Tips

Create a list of everyone’s favorite songs and get it to the bus company early to put together your playlist—  or check out our top karaoke songs for some inspiration.

Designate a party host to ensure the party goes smoothly as with so many people eager to sing; things can get rather hectic quickly. Your party host can oversee singer rotation, the microphone and generally keep things in order!

An organised host will ensure that everyone has a fair chance to share in the singing fun!

BYO Alcohol & Drinks?

Some companies do allow you to supply your own alcohol provided all passengers are over 18 years old although alcohol consumption and regulations are strictly monitored for public safety.

*There are rules regarding packaging, drink types and quantities per guest during the outbound journey including canned beer, bottled wine, cider and RTDs being allowed. NO hard liquor or glass bottles permitted.

Be sure to check out the various karaoke bus party experiences in and around Sydney.
There are also some great Karaoke / Party Bus services in other states as well.

Want to arrive at a Sydney event in style or need a safe way to get home afterwards and want to have a blast whilst in transit? A karaoke bus or limo is equipped multi-laser lighting, TV, karaoke machine and loud sound system.

Way to travel or what? It’s the party you have on the way to the party!

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