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Karaoke4Free.com is an awesome  karaoke online free site which allows karaoke enthusiasts to play karaoke songs and/or download instrumental versions as well.

Karaoke Online Free Special Features

Karaoke4Free boasts lots of popular free songs as well as an optional VIP membership for purchasing and selling quality backing tracks. It's regarded as the largest licensed online karaoke music library with new songs added daily! Take a look!

Options include karaoke with vocals or instrumental only, full download to your own system or watch and sing directly online. Once you have created a free account you also have the option to record your song. Other features include unlimited storage space and playlists although these options are reserved for paid only song versions.

Why not check for yourself and join this dynamic online karaoke community where you’ll get immediate access to online karaoke 'free' songs and instramental downloads! Go on! Check karaoke4free out NOW!

Top FIVE Favourite karaoke4Free Songs
Eagles-Hotel California
Eric Clapton–Tears In Heaven
Elton John-Sacrifice
Green Day- Boulevard Of Broken Dreams

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