Hosted Private Karaoke Rooms Sydney— Party IN STYLE!

Consider booking a hosted private karaoke rooms Sydney party for your next celebration! It's perfect for a birthday, hen’s night or any-old-reason to party. It's also simple to organise as everything is basically done for you.  An awesome party venue, drinks, food &  great entertainment included! (of course that will be provided by you and your friends- aka singing karaoke)  

Birthday parties, celebrations, social get-togethers or even the dreaded solitary dark-night of the soul have one thing in common: Karaoke! Why? It brightens up all these activities

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So Many Private Karaoke Rooms Sydney Options to Choose From!

Fortunately, Sydney is an amateur singer’s playground with plenty of karaoke options for everyone. You can throw down some cold beers and then belt out a few tunes at your preferred pub karaoke Sydney or croon your best rendition of old Frankie songs in a private karaoke room with an audience of your closest friends (or vice-versa). Be sure to check our list of the best karaoke songs ever for your turn to shine bright and create some fabulous memories! And if by chance, you don’t remember much about the night; there’s always the embarrassing videos and photos uploaded to social media by your closest friends. Got to love them!

Looking for the best private karaoke rooms with VIP service? You’re covered! Quite a few karaoke bars in Sydney CBD boast only the best private karaoke suites with bottle service that are just perfect for any VIP events.

Whether your fun night out is a birthday party, corporate event or informal gathering of friends; you can always party on in a private karaoke suite like a true karaoke king or karaoke queen!

Get all themed up—we encourage it! Check out our Fancy dress themed karaoke party ideas. And be sure to take a look at the karaoke bus Sydney party option! All aboard!

Sydney's colourful nightlife scene offers revelers plenty of great choices for when you want to rest your vocal chords and trade up to a few dance moves instead. Check out Sydney's nightclubs and dance  what's left of the night away.

And not forgetting the younger karaoke royalty crowd— especially ideal for kids that just love to sing, dance or perform. A hosted Karaoke kids party is totally the way to go as there will be plenty of singing, dancing, dazzling disco lights, games, laughter & FUN! Check out our page about the fabulous Karaoke Rooms Sydney Party venues that also cater for children’s parties.