Tips to a Successful
Karaoke Virgin Debut Performance

To the Karaoke Virgin- Losing one’s karaoke virginity is utterly terrifying as well as totally invigorating— just relax and enjoy that ride!

First step is to successfully find a song to sing by literally searching through a ton of alphabetized track-listings in the karaoke song book. Daunting for sure, but don’t lose your nerve now as the end goal is to pop your karaoke-cherry!

Once you’ve found a song to sing; write down the title as well as your name on the karaoke slip / form and hand it straight to the karaoke host before you change your mind and chicken out.

Reality is that losing your karaoke virginity— just like in sex is typically— not going to be your best star quality performance! But you did it and there’s every chance that you’ll soon be addicted; to karaoke that is!

Kristy Collins - No Longer a Karaoke Virgin!

Congratulations to Kristy Collins for losing her karaoke virginity up on stage at Surfers Paradise RSL, Gold Coast!!

Kristy was excited and nervous as are most kara-virgins when they decide to participate and sing karaoke on stage for the first time!

Karaoke host Russell and the audience certainly encouraged and applauded Kristy as she belted out her debut karaoke song!

Big Russ & Karaoke Virgins at RSL Surfers Paradise

Karaoke Virgin Song Choice Tips

Choosing the right song: It’s best to not choose a song just because you really like it but instead to choose something within your vocal range. A good rule of thumb is to select a song that you can and enjoy singing along to either in the car or at home.

Choose a really well known – feel good song: The idea is to choose something that will have the audience chorusing along with you. Think popular sing along song types like- Pour Some Sugar on Me, Here I Go Again, Brown Eyed Girl, Walk 500 Miles or something by Abba, Queen or another famous group. Or NOT! 

Choose a song that fits the crowd & singers: Is the venue seriously rocking it out or is there a mellower bluesy vibe going on? Choose a karaoke song that will fit nicely into the playlist and you’ll kind of just blend in. Of course if you don’t want to blend— just go ahead and do YOUR own thang and own that stage!

Ask the karaoke host (KJ): Rest assured your karaoke host will have plenty of fabulous song choices that will be perfect for you to break your karaoke cherry on!