Korean BBQ and Karaoke: Ticket to Karaoke Heaven!

Why not try a delicious Korean BBQ and karaoke instead of your regular go-to dinner and entertainment choice? Australia has plenty of great Korean and karaoke dining options to choose from. It’s a winning ticket to Karaoke heaven! Check out our extensive findakaraoke directory listings in your area.

What's so Good about Korean BBQ and karaoke?

Imagine this winning combo—  karaoke & utter deliciousness!

Plates stacked high with choice cut meats— premium Wagyu beef, pork-cuts and spicy marinated chicken waiting for you to personally sear on a hot grill right at your table!
Add a buffet of fresh sides.

Perfect! It's a ticket to karaoke heaven.

And all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ and karaoke? Just spread the love already!

Keep in mind that karaoke rooms tend to be especially busy on the weekends, with people hiring rooms from anywhere from 1 – 4 hours or for the whole night.

Featured Korean Cuisine Restaurants and— Karaoke!

Kajoku Toowoomba – Korean fine dining experience featuring great food and karaoke entertainment. It’s said that the KPop on the TVs create authenticity to this Korean BBQ dining-karaoke restaurant. Lots of fun! Best ever Korean dining experiences!

Bornga Korean & Mui Karaoke Bar Melbourne – Dynamic Korean fusion restaurant featuring ambient lighting, relaxed vibe and plenty of Korean barbecue set options as well as a la carte menu options. And then finish the night off upstairs at one of Melbourne's largest Korean karaoke venues.

*Check out our Sydney listing pages for more info!

Popular Korean Karaoke Songs

Here are some of the most popular Korean Karaoke songs you'll hear at a noraebang with many songs containing only Korean lyrics and a few K-drama's OSTs.

  • After School – 첫사랑  (chut-sa-rang)
  • Officially Missing You - 긱스  (Geeks)
  • Becoming Dust-  먼지가 되어  (Meon-ji-ga Deo-eo)
  • The Reason I Became A Singer- 내가 가수가 된 이유 (Nae-ga Ka-su-ga Doen Yi-yoo)
  • Officially Missing You- (Geeks acoustic hip-hop)

Online Korean Karaoke Options

Another great option? There are also plenty of Korean karaoke songs or MP3 backing tracks available through online karaoke websites. Join one of the online karaoke communities and have your very own Korean BBQ and karaoke party right at home.