Office Christmas Party Karaoke Style!

The office Christmas party— karaoke with friends or family is one thing; but what about karaoke with work-colleagues? Apparently there is a plus side!
What an opportunity to show everyone at the office that you really are not a drone but someone that reverberates (sings) in full techno-coloured Cyndi Lauper style. Or perhaps just with a little Black or White Michael Jackson swagger! But then again— if the embarrassment is colossal, it may mean requesting a transfer to another state after the holidays! Our Karaoke office Christmas party guide is filled with plenty of tips on where, how and what to sing with your office pals. Be sure to etch these tips in stone near the water cooler, or at least send a must-read memo to everyone before the party!

The Ten Commandments of Karaoke-ing with Colleagues at the Office Christmas Party!

Alcohol Loosens the Nerves & Fuels the Vocal Chords!
Karaoke tends to be avoided by newbies; aka karaoke virgins but spring the idea on your co-workers after they’ve had a few drinks and they will be hogging the microphone in no time!

It’s Just a Big Singalong
Although karaoke may appear to be all about the person (people) singing— truth is that it’s one big singalong! Think of it as a team building exercise or a modern-day version of the saloon pianola!   Start things off the right way with a few crowd-pleaser songs. (link)

Note to the Boss!
Of course, the boss or office manager can come along to a karaoke Christmas office party BUT should leave early. plan to leave after half an hour or maybe not. It really is up for some office political debate. If the boss gets up and performs his/her rendition of ‘I Touch Myself’ by The Divinyls— let’s just say that it’s a very bold move!

Best Song Choices
Since work colleagues may be of different age groups; choose songs that speak to every generation. Younger folks may want to steer clear of too many head-banging songs and likewise, old-timers should go easy on an-all crooners show.

Nervous Nellies & Goat Rodeos
No need to worry if you are nervous about singing in front of co-workers as there are plenty of artists that are basically fail-proof! And there are sure to be a few well remembered Goat Rodeo (link) performances during the evening anyway.

Discretion at Work After the Karaoke Party
Refrain from a running commentary and blow-by-blow description of the previous night of karaoke events as the simple meeting of eyes, a smile and knowing-nod is more than enough!

Office Christmas Party Karaoke Reviews

Let everyone know how your Christmas Office Karaoke Party went and be sure to include plenty of photos from the event!

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