Sydney Korean Karaoke (Noraebang) – It’s Korean for Karaoke!

You may be a karaoke enthusiast, but chances are you’ve never heard of the word noraebang— pronounced “no-rae-bang.”

It’s the Korean version of karaoke and directly translates to song (norae) room (bang). Unlike most western karaoke that operates in public bars where strangers and friends alike make up the audience; noraebang (노래방) is done in private singing rooms with friends. That’s right— you’ll perhaps only embarrass yourself in front of your friends; and not strangers as well! Bonus!

There are plenty of Sydney Korean karaoke venues throughout the CBD and suburbs with a wide variety of songs in English as well as Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese and Japanese. Songs are regularly added meaning that you will be singing the latest hits as well as classic favourites.

The downside of noraebang? There really isn’t any downside as such; except that there is nothing quite like the intensity of a crowd of strangers cheering or jeering at you at a public karaoke venue! Belt out any tune you like; singing and dancing like nobody is watching although thanks to your friends, you may end up on Social Media.

The noraebang system can be a little complicated and initially baffling to western karaoke fans as it’s a mini-pad remote control gadget that’s a little larger than handheld gaming systems. Ask for help or better still download and print this information sheet so you can refer to it at your next  noraebang (노래방) session!

Anyway, enjoy your noraebang— Sydney Korean karaoke experience!