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Karaoke Australia Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb!

Photo: SCMP

It's Karaoke Australia Adrenalin style! Woo-Hoo!!! A well respected Aussie tourist company that organises adventure climbs to the summit of Australia's iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge introduced a brand new exciting attraction! Chinese visitors could sing their favourite karaoke songs some 134 metres above the gorgeous harbour!

Putonghua-speaking tourists that braved the vertigo-inducing ascent to the top of the bridge celebrated by belting out one of five popular Putonghua songs.

The ‘Karaoke Climb’ ran for 12 days— from  16th to 28th February 2015 in celebration of the Lunar New Year. It’s certainly a very unique tourism – entertainment cellebration winning combo: The Karaoke Australia Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb!

Since the concept began in 1998 in excess of 20,000 Hong Kong tourists have climbed to the summit. A ‘Mandarin Climb’ for Putonghua-speakers in early 2013 attracted 10,000+ mainland tourists aged from 10 to 80 years!

An elaborate sky-high stage featuring huge TV screens, concert-style speakers and microphones beckoned the karaoke-climbing singers to belt out their chosen song from ‘Way Up Yonder’! That’s super cool karaoke! Let's hope it's on every year!